Friday, February 12, 2010

You can't name a blog Sheep Thrills

without having some sheep! 

This morning I went out...

and apparently woke them up.

They've got that "you've caught us in our jammies" look.  In case you're feeling sorry for them - stuck out in the yard with snow up to their armpits - they've got shelter - this is just their apres-breakfast napping area. Rough life these sheep have.

As usual 25T and 44U were the first ones to come visit. 

They need names. Do 25T and 44U count as names??? I just haven't come up with names that "work" for them yet. Don't worry, they know which way their bread's buttered on and have done a good job worming their way into my heart. No worry ladies - you've got a good long life ahead of you here. We've just gotten so used to calling them by their tag names that that's who've they've become - what's in a name? At any rate, I'm working on it, have tried a few, but nothing has stuck. However 25T especially, based on personality alone - she's a keeper. 

Gordon (RAMsey) and the other two girls, managed to stretch and join up to see what the fuss was about - paparazzi is not terribly common around these parts. 

The goal is grass fed lamb and nice Katahdin sheep, so let's hope that Gordon's been "on the job" so to speak this winter. He looks pretty content, so I'd say we're pretty safe. 

Over on the other side of the yard we've got the two ewe lambs and the whethers. 

The one on the left with the patch, well - she's named Patch...go figure. The brown one - she's named  Susi, because she's brown (Brown eye'd Susan - clever huh?), sweet and feisty, like the other Susi's I know.  The three white guys? Extra, Buy-Low, and Save-On (just add Foods to all of their names in case you aren't local)...and that's the life of a wether. In the grand scheme of things though this is a pretty good place to pick life as a wether... not too much work, all the grass you can eat, not a lot of stress.

And that's our sheep. I'll introduce the rest of the "crew" over the next little bit.


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