Monday, February 21, 2011

Shame on me.

I haven't blogged in months. Yes indeed, I still have sheep. It's about time I got back on the blogging wagon.

Funny how things can sneak up on you, but all of a sudden the girls are looking pregnant. We're about 5 weeks out from lambing, so essentially this is the month before Christmas for me. 

Everyone is healthy and happy, and at the moment it's just a regular routine of fluffing bales and checking water while the girls catch some rays. 

I thought I'd start introducing the "hired hands on the ranch". Here's our latest addition to the team. 

Meet Sam Sheepdog. 

Sam's a Maremma pup we picked up last fall to protect the flock from inevitable predator problems (we've got coyotes, wolves, cats and bears in our valley - I like them just fine, but would  like them to stay on their side of the fence). Sam's now about 7 months old and has been a great addition to the farm. Aside from having a great, deep, imposing bark when necessary, he's a soft squishy friend who makes heading out to "check the sheep" that much more enjoyable.