Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fast food

A little something I threw together the other night. It took about 20 minutes tops, to make and that included a trip out to the garden.

I call it...
BBQ'd rib eye with a warm salad of greens and new potatoes...cause that's what it is.

Why? Because we are over run with greens right now. It doesn't matter what's for dinner - greens come with it. The other night I was feeling especially creative and came up with this on the fly. Here's the "recipe".

Barbecue a steak (or any other protein you've got kicking around).

Cut some little baby potatoes in half and start frying them in a pan with a bit of duck fat (or any other fat/oil you've got kicking around. Note to self - cook another duck and replenish duck fat supply. 

Finish the steak and let it rest. Resting it means you won't be running in and out the door trying to watch it and the greens all at the same time AND the foodies swear it gives you a better steak. I'm still on the fence about that part.

Head out to the garden and thin one of the "greens" rows. Right now that means beet greens, chinese greens, or chard. It's all the same. It's all green.

These won that night

While you're out there, pick a few green onions, or if you are lucky like us, pick a few wandering onions. 

Wash the lot and chop it up.  

When the potatoes are tender, throw in the greens and onions as well as some salt an pepper. Toss them around a bit to wilt them, then add some red wine vinegar and some maple syrup to taste. You're looking for a sweet and sour kind of dressing and not a ton of it. 

Pile it on a plate, put the steak on top and your done. Looks great, tastes great, and there's only one pan to clean up. 


  1. That looks awesome! I'm wondering if planting the collard greens was such a good idea, given that I almost went nuts trying to find things to do with the swiss chard.

    Are the potatoes from your garden too?

  2. Hey Kristi,

    Yeah, I've had a few worries about the collard greens myself...they're getting big. However, between them and the Kale I should have fresh greens in the garden way into this fall as they both taste better after a hard frost - something we're pretty good about providing up here. ;-)

    Those potatoes weren't out of the garden, but we're pretty close to eating our own.