Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This and that

Out in the field...
the first of this year's lambs turn 2 months old this week. I'm really pleased with how quickly they're growing, as well as the consistency in the group.

and over in the garden...

pretty much everything is up. Some of it is up again, and some of it will need to be reseeded again. You might think frost, but you'd be wrong. This year the frost hasn't claimed anything, but cut worms sure have. 

Here's another way that our sheep provide. All of the mulch in the garden is last year's bedding, waste hay and manure. We did an experiment a couple of years ago using it a mulch around half of our tomatoes. They wound up being twice the size of the others, with no blossom end rot - something we've had trouble with in the past.  The mulch is a great source of natural fertilizer, helps keep the weeds down (and the ones that do push through are easier to pull), helps the soil retain moisture, and makes the garden paths nicer to walk on.  Added bonuses of using sheep manure compared to other manures - it doesn't smell,  and it doesn't burn plants.  

We've liked the results so much in our vegetable garden that this year we did the rest of our beds as well. 

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