Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dinner with a show

Our hummingbird feeder can be seen from our dining room, and our living room, and our kitchen...because it's all one room. 

Tonight while we were eating supper Travis noticed that there were a couple of hummingbirds fighting. It was a really good fight that seemed to go on for a quite a while. Then we noticed that they seemed to be making contact... maybe all the fighting we've been watching hasn't been fighting at all? Maybe it's been more of a "dinner and a movie" kind of meeting. 

Then we saw this. 

That's right folks...hummingbird sex. 


  1. Hmmmm, I thought that females were duller and without the ruby patch??

  2. That thought crossed my mind too while I was taking the pictures. However, it WAS sex - what kind of sex? Well, we're pretty tolerant around here. ;-)

  3. boy you weren't kidding when you said you got a show ;)

  4. That's awesome! Bird sex is cool, no matter the flavour of the participants. :-)